About Us

At Books Barn Kenya we specialize in selling pre-owned books and some new books. We have a vast collection of titles from various genres including fiction, non-fiction, literature, history, and children's literature. We also carry activity books, puzzles, board games, stationery, and other unique gift items.


Promoting literacy

By providing books at an affordable price, we make books easily accessible and encourage reading and learning. We donate some books to orphanages and church organizations as part of our giving back to the community.

Environmental impact

Our stock of pre-owned books can have a positive impact to the environment, pre-owned books are re-sold, extending their lifespan and reducing waste. Instead of ending up in landfills, these books find new homes and continue to be enjoyed.

Support for the Local Economy

Through creation of employment opportunities for our staff and delivery service partners we make our small contribution towards improving the local economy.