The Beginner’s bible

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95 Timeless Children’s Stories — Including These: – A Big Picnic (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand) – Long and Strong (Samson) – Best Friends (David and Jonathan) – Trumpets and Torches (Gideon) – The Most Special Baby (Jesus is Born) – Fish for Breakfast (With the Risen Jesus) – A Secret Message (Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams) – A Basket Boat (The Baby Moses) – Wind and Fire (The Day of Pentecost) – Money in a Fish (Peter and the Taxes) – The Chariot of Fire (Elijah and Elisha) – Spending the Night with Lions (Daniel’s Faithfulness) – Lost! (Jesus in the Temple) – Helpers and Friends (Jesus Calls His Disciples) – Inside a Fish (Jonah) – A Room on the Roof (Elisha and the Shunemite Woman) – The Angel’s Secret (Gabriel Visits Mary) – Surprise (The Resurrection)


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